How can I Sell My House Faster? Free New Mexico For Sale by Owner Tips Listing Information

How can I Sell My House Faster?

Review online listings, on many sites, to compare competitve pricing (including MLS) and get an idea of how other homes are priced, presented, and photographed.

With all the money you will be saving over hiring an agent in New Mexico, spend a big chunk on advertising. Figure out your target audience and get the message to them.

If you decide to offer a commission to selling agents, you will want to put a lockbox on your premises for easy access by agents when you are not home.

Apply orange oil to cabinets that appear dry, which will renew their original luster. Put out large bowls of fruit such as polished apples, bright oranges, luscious grapes. Arrange colorful and fun cookbooks on the counters.

New Mexico seasonal FSBO sales require unique approaches. The way you would sell in spring is very different than selling in winter.

Follow these New Mexico FSBO tips for how to hold an open house, and remember that in some areas, Saturdays are just as popular as Sundays.

Prices vary depending on where you live in New Mexico and the local demand for professional home staging. Coastal areas and large metropolitan cities where home staging has been prevalent for years command higher prices. Some real estate agents help New Mexico sellers Stage the home themselves. Most listing agents agree, however, that vacant homes show better with staging and will encourage sellers to hire a professional stager. Fees range from $500 to $5,000 or more, depending on square footage and the number of rooms staged.

Print Advertising - Print advertising reaches buyers who read newspapers. Online ads reach the rest. If your neighbors say, 'Everywhere I look, I see your home advertised,' you're doing a good job. Puts ads in: Major newspapers. Find out which days pull the most readers. Typically it's Sunday but some newspapers also publish 'picture classifieds' on other days. Local New Mexico newspapers. You can probably run a larger ad for less money that will more closely target those looking in your area. New Mexico Real estate publications. Check on press date; can you wait? Every Web site you can find (like ).

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